Ground Central

Ground Central

GROUND CENTRAL TEA SANDWICH | lox, cream cheese, cucumber, watercress on multigrain

Ground Central is a really friendly coffee shop with a spotlight on New York flare. Not the Fred Astaire Broadway flare New York from way back when but the contemporary youthful Manhattan that loves an industrial vibe, great music (such big music fans that “kick ass tunes” comes before the “coffee” on their street sign. priorities.), art and tattoos with a clean chic twist.

Ground Central
As you approach the shop you are greeted with graphically designed sign of coffee being poured over a to-go coffee cup; the pour is directionally illustrated to reflect the NYC subway map. (love it!) The line art graffiti style is mimicked on the interior walls and lead way back to the library room with large upholstered seating. It’s the perfect space for pulling out a laptop to do work or to convene for small sized informal meetings.

Ground Central
In a coffee house, when you’re sitting for hours writing an article music is key. If it’s not right, people tend to skip round two and head out. The importance of rock and roll tunes does not live ahead of coffee in my mind (priorities, again. only mine this time.). Thank goodness, it doesn’t matter because the coffee is great! With a happy team behind the counter and a focus on pour over coffee, what’s not to love?

Ground Central


A “Cold Brew” in the summer topped off with some simple syrup and skim from their self serve milk bar is wonderful! Pair it with some of their pastries and/or sandwiches and you have the full New York-centric coffee shop experience. (I’ve gone a few times now and all of the eats have been really yummy! I would love for them to be heated on the spot and am going to see if that is something they do upon request when I go back—regardless, it’s all fun and delish!)

Go be too cool for school at Ground Central. It’s awesome. You’ll love it! (and who knows, maybe I’ll see you there!)

Ground Central

Address: 155 East 52nd Street (between 3rd & Lex)
Phone: (646) 964-4438

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  1. Is the coffee bitter or smooth? Saw this place and wondered if the coffee was good.

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