— Pain Perdu
 | Vanilla sugar & warm DOC’S maple syrup —

Landmarc has been my favorite brunch restaurant for a couple of years now. I have been on a search for a restaurant that competes; sadly, so far, there are lots of other great restaurants but none seem to match when it comes to the consistency of the flavors—which is extremely important for a “favorite restaurant”—and deliciousness. (I want it to taste just as delicious as it did last time, every time)

WHEN YOU BRING YOUR FRIENDS, RECOMMEND THE “PAIN PERDU”. (it’s really its own wonderfully rich experience—one I would want any of the people I love to try and enjoy!)


— Eggs Florentine
 | English muffin & spinach hollandaise sauce —

While the Pain Perdu is amazing, my go-to is the Eggs Florentine. I love love love spinach and am more of a savory brunch person. There is something so simple about this dish, but too many other places have messed it up. Let’s just say, a poached egg should never have the constancy of a hard boiled one. In all  of my brunches at Landmarc, I have always been served perfectly poached eggs.  And, OH MY GOD, THEIR SHREDDED POTATOES ARE DELISH!

Part of me has been unwilling to write this post because I don’t want the wait time to get longer. I know, I know, terrible. GO. ENJOY! (I know you will!)


Address: 10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor. New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) 823-6123

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3 Responses to Landmarc

  1. Can’t wait to try this place! Thanks for the review!!!

  2. My feelings for this restaurant definitely run parallel to what you wrote. If any one has half a brain and a full set of taste buds, they should go to Landmarc IMMEDIATELY. I mean let’s be honest, I’ll probably be there again this weekend, and the next, and then next, not the next though, but then the next after that. Gotta mix it up. But either way, get there. I know I will. Thanks for getting this post out. I’ve been waiting for it.

  3. It is 12:30 & I am starved. The eggs over spinach looks so delicious that I am ready to bite my computer. I would love to have brunch at this restaurant. The Pain Perdu looks sooo wonderful that there may be two holes in my computer.
    Love ya

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