Grey Dog

Grey Dog
I  love The Grey Dog! It’s the perfect restaurant for lunch or a late night binge sandwich.

Grey Dog
It is such a great little home-y restaurant with a D.I.Y. graffiti styled vibe.

Grey Dog
There are lots of delicious and super filling options. You simply walk up to the counter, order your meal, personalize it with the recommendations from the person taking your order—do you want fries or chips, cranberry wheat bread, challah, sourdough, rye, 9 grain, olive, or whole wheat—pay, sit at your table, and eat.

Grey Dog

The Chicken Melt | chicken salad, cheddar & bacon with lettuce & plum tomato

There isn’t a single combination that will lead you wrong—YUM! The flavors all meld together beautifully. Let’s just say, there weren’t even crumbs leftover on any of the plates.

Grey Dog

Sliced Granny Smith Apple with Turkey, Brie & Raspberry Mustard

The “Sliced Granny Smith Apple with Turkey, Brie and Raspberry Mustard” sandwich on the absolutely delicious and highly recommended to me cranberry wheat bread was out-of-this-world yummy! So many sweet flavor pops. Raspberry mustard! WHAT?!?! (This one is a must!)

Grey Dog

Turkey Burger: Served on a bun or English muffin with fries w/ cheese w/ bacon

GO! It’s so great, laid back and easy!


The Grey Dog

Address: 242 West 16th Street, NYC
Address: 90 University Place, NYC
Address: 244 Mulberry Street, NYC

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