— ROASTED SALMON: Greek salad, spiced yogurt, red wine vinaigrette —

FishTag is absolutely out of this world wonderful! That’s it. JUST GO!

I have just found a new favorite restaurant. What I love is the attention given to the menu. When you look at it, the dishes are typed in red and others are in black. Those differentiate appetizers from main courses. They are organized by flavor profile from lightest—top—to heaviest—bottom. From the detail in the menu, to the plating, to the flavor, everything extremely thought out.

That’s only the beginning, the extensive wine and beer menu is filled with perfectly selected bottles. (I am not so secretly obsessed with their Riesling.)


— SHEEP MILK DUMPLINGS: crab fonduta, baby spinach, Maine crab meat, crispy speck —

THE FISH IS INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!  It’s really all about the colors and texture—the crisp nature of the skin on the salmon is so tasty and exciting on the pallet.

The seafood is presented in so many different fashions—in salads, fillets, and even mixed with gnocchi. THE “SHEEP’S MILK DUMPLINGS” WAS OUTOFTHISWOLD INCREDIBLE! This one, you must order. It is creamy, firm, rich, and flavorful all wrapped into a single dish. Perfection.


— LAMB BURGER: whipped feta & spicy chilies, smashed fries —

If you’re not into seafood, this lamb burger looked amazing. I can attest that the smashed fries were super delicious! Can’t blame me, I had to steal a few!


— Banana Split —

When it comes to desserts, I’ve had both the baklava and the banana split—you can’t possibly go wrong with any of their decadently delicious choices—though, you must make sure to get at least one. There is really no ifs, ands, or buts here, so plan to save some space!

Thank you to Gianni Cionchi for the putting FishTag on my list of favorites and for choosing our menu for the evening. CHEERS!

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3 Responses to FishTag

  1. I loved your Post!! The food looked so wonderful that I will have the wonderful salmon for dinner.Its even tastier than Progresso Chicken soup Ha ha!! I had such a good time reading your post & seeing the great pictures that I had to share it with the accountant who thinks that you are georgeous and extremely talented. He is going home to share your post with his wife. Amadeo also loved reading your post he agreed with the accountant that you are georgeous. I only hang out with smart people !! love ya soo much grandma

  2. “Pig and Fig”– the name alone is enough to make me want to order it!

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