Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon

~ Loving this sad fish illustration ~

I’m excited to say that I have officially made it to Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill!

Blue Ribbon

~ Lychee Martini ~

Four of us (take a trip to the fan page for the photo opps) went out for a boozy lunch last weekend and let me tell you, THEY HAVE THE BEST LYCHEE MARTINI THAT I HAVE EVER HAD! It was absolutely fantastic!

Blue Ribbon

~ A yellowtail surprise from the restaurant ~

All of the food is also EXTREMELY DELICIOUS!

Blue Ribbon

~ Smoked Hamachi Shiitake Smoked yellowtail & Shiitake ~

It is all plated in a very clean and simply fashion…

Blue Ribbon

~ Spicy Tuna & Tempura Flakes Cucumber AND Kaki Fri Fried Oysters & Lettuce ~

While the flavors are complex and really exciting! The Kaki Fri (in the image above) was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I imagine the whole menu is wonderful!

Blue Ribbon

~ Oxtail Fried Rice Daikon, Shiitake & Bone Marrow ~

That said, if you are looking for a sushi restaurant, THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD GO (located at: 308 W. 58th Street in New York City)!

Don’t miss it!


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4 Responses to Blue Ribbon

  1. So, so good!

  2. Franklin Williams

    My goodness, all I have to say is that the oxtail was so damn scrumptious. I was all about that. Next time I go I can guarantee that that is what I’m getting. And I’m eating the whole bowl. Everything else was amaazing as well but I was truly excited about the oxtail. Maybe it’s the Caribbean in me!

  3. I went to the Blue Ribbon in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hotel and I totally agree, super delish! That Lychee Martini was beyond amazing!

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